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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  November 21, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PST

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what we're planning to do come black friday. >> and the great lengths that people are going to make tomorrow a special day for those less fortunate. >> this is bay area news at 7:00. >> good evening, it's wednesday, november 21st, i'm gasia mikaelian. this is bay area news at 7:00. boy, happening now, the holiday getaway in full swing. take a look, we'll give you a live look at traffic in berkeley. 42 million californians will hit the roads. and we'll have reports of traffic backing up all around the region. and here's another live picture. interstate 280. we've been monitoring this picture all throughout the rush
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hour and in the past two minutes, we have seen the bump to bump traffic start to ease up. in all, five and a half californians are expected to travel 50 miles this thanksgiving weekend. air travel ouch s.f.o. is also up. >> passenger loads up about 3% year-over-year. but everything's operating smoothly. >> state-wide, 1.5 fewer percent are expected to drive. >> the kitchen's cooking up about 200 hams, 500 turks ask and councils pounds of vegetable and is stuffing. the holiday dinners will be served all day tomorrow, starting at might be a.m. -- anion a.m. at the church avenue street. >> i want to again tang
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salvation army helping us be the world-class city we are. giving ourselves the world class heart we have, so happy thanksgiving everybody. >> the nair and the members of the police staff helped carve 150 turkeys at the salvation army harbor life center. tomorrow, the salvation army will deliver up to 5,000 turkeys to seniors around maroon county. >> aspirin tar's restaurant in sasalito is offering three thanksgiving dings. the -- linear. last thanksgiving. volunteers served omon 100,000 meals. go to to help support bay area holiday give aways. psychological down to the hot topics section and look for the link. continuing coverage -- our janet life along the scene,
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just south of the cliff house, explained on you the spill hatched and explain at&t what the corrosion are looking how they're looking it up. >> this section of this great highway remains enclosed right now, but they hope to reopen it in the next hour. you see the crews out here, they say that they are almost finished pumping out the contaminated water but this beach will remain closed. clean-up corrosion shoveling sand and an empty shore are not not normally what you see at ocean beach on a sunny day. but contaminated water was released into the sand and into the ocean. >> we're sectioning off so that people don't get in contact with it, or have their dogs playing in it? >> reporter: they got a call about one apple this morning that a water had burst through a manhole cover, it flooded the part-time and the promede, and flowed into the ocean, the
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pumping station at the ocean beach which processes about 150 gallons of water a day was operating at full capacity but the rain overwhelmed the system. >> we have pretty large storage tanks all along the highway, 50 feet deep, taking up the width of both traffic directions in the traffic. >> reporter: the 10% rain water and one -- partly taped off the beach entry point and the puc posted warning signs for residents and tourists. surfers also had health and safety concerns. >> and it's pollution and you can get sick from it, and yeah, it does -- as you see there's nobody in the water. a lot. >> reporter: the puc says they expect lab results back tomorrow that could indicate whether it's safe for people to go back into the water. back here, the crews are taking care of the equipment and packing up, but th say it could be as much as a week
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before the beach reopens. at&t katiama, ktvu nutrition. 26-year-old jonathan wilson banks hardly q police say that he and another man committed a string of armed robberies, including the shooting death of -- dug a jarjacking attempt. the men are also accused firing a shot of everything -- banks is being held without bail and said to return to court next month. san jose police are also looking for a hit and run driver in the allen rock neighborhood today. this happened right near jackson and allen rock heavy. police station say the man may not have been in the crosswalk he was hit after 6:00 a.m. by two vehicles. the according to investigators, the first driver drove away. traffic was tied up in that area and vta had to reroute
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some buses. the victim's name is being withheld until the next of kin is notified. >> for an already heart broken mother, authorities in -- found fell down a cliff in a water- filled quarry while searching for this cat. police searched for 59-year-old andrew malyon for hours. fire officials say that they have not found a hole in the fence, and neighbors suspect that he climbed over. he was searching for this cat in the rain and likely slipped and fell into the water 2378. a san francisco sheriff deputy faces misdemeanor charges following a confrontation. 36-year-old deputy mansoya green was arrested on six charges, including making criminal threats and possession of a deadly weapon. green was trying to defend her
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sister in a financial dispute with a neighbor last month. >> she's greeted a visual dog and a bunch of swear words, and really, all she did was back off, saying, hey, by the way, i'm a deputy sheriff, identified herself. >> prosecutors say it meant son i can't green pulled out a personal firearm during the dispute. the 11 year veteran has been assigned to administrative duty. a tenuous ceasefire is holding in the middle east. hillary clinton help broker the deal with israel and hamas. and as april williams reports, just a bus flash just prior to the agreement. >> reporter: after eight days of violence in the middle east, secretary of state hillary clinton and egyptian leaders announce a keys fire between israel and hamas. >> egypt's new government is assuming the responsibility and
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leadership that has long made this country a cornerstone of regional stability and peace. >> reporter: president obama called israeli prime you're many more netanyahu committed to -- >> i have agreed with the president that israel and the united states will work together to prevent the smuggle of arms to the terrorist organizations, the vast majority of which comes from iran. >> reporter: egypt has taking taken the lead in mediating and alleviating the bloodshed. >> i think that the egyptian government has investing a lot of effort and in a sense prestige in this -- so i think they will be trying very hard to make certain that this ceasefire does hold. >> reporter: earlier wednesday, a bomber struck a bus in a quite neighborhood in tel aviv. the international neighborhood
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quickly condemned is this attack but just hours before the ceasefire, a spokesman called it a quote, "heroic operation." but there's still a long road for peace in the middle east. i'm april williams reporting. >> a bankruptcy judge ruled it that hostess -- hostess now has the green light to sell off its brand and terminate the jobs of its 18,000 workers nationwide, including about 150 at its bakery in observable. in wall street, stocks closed higher, but trade was extremely light a lot the holiday. the dow gave 40 points, the midi ceasefire helped the optimism, the market closed tomorrow just a half day on friday. some retailers plan to kick off the holiday season by opening stores on thanksgiving night. this movement's upset some people who are circulating petitions on and on facebook. one was started by an employee
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saying that thanksgiving is meant to spend time with families and friends, and how far some target employees say that -- an u.s. cabinet membrane traveled to west ma richard nixon n today, for a first time look at an oyster farm that's about to be shut down. sea shores desires in nine days. the oyster form causes environmental damages with. did you drakes bay says they're a green, sustainable operation. diane feinstein gave him the final say. >> i'm spending the kind of time, understanding all the dimensions of the decision before we. >> drakes bay has asked the secretary of state to spend its lease for four years. the union picket shut down the port of portland today. some drivers had to wait for
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hours to make their ways to the shipping terminals. many drivers expressed frustration about the long wait. ktvu news spoke with one driver who said that had shut down caused her $200, and she may not be able to to get home to spend thanksgiving with her foam. they say that thanksgiving is one of the busiest days of the year for the port. a noisy demonstration gets the attention of walmart shoppers keep there are bigger plans to disrupt black friday. >> it's the stuff that dreams are made of, and their literally hundreds and hundreds of dreams to be seen this year's san francisco auto show. >> the rainfall has moved out of the bay area and we have a nice evening right now, coming up where some paycheck fall could form for and where the directions will be heading this weekend. hey, look! a shooting star!
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on any new volkswagen. visit today. >> investigators are calming a fire that burned several cars in san francisco's bay view neighborhood suspicious.  flames were first spotted just after 5:00 a.m. near engel street. firefighters say origin is suspicious because there was a strong necessarily of gasoline. the fire did couple $20,000 of damage to the building and $25,000 to three cars. san francisco 49ers head coach said that his recent heart health problems are under control. >> yeah, yesterday, i saw my doctors, i got an evaluation and um, believe we got that one licked. so i feel good about that. >> last week, harvo underwent a procedure, to treat an irregular heartbeat. he did discuss his quarterback
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again, but refused to say if alex smith or pepper -- >> a show of support for workers ahead of the busy holiday shopping season. rob roth tells us where you could see similar disruptions and employee walk-outs this holiday weekend. >> when do they need it? >> reporter: a know march in the middle of walmart this morning. the protest is part of a nationwide campaign to pressure walmart into paying their workers more and providing benefits. it caught shoppers off guard. >> i understand the protest and i understand the cause, so i respect it, i'm for it. so i hope they get exactly what they're asking for. >> reporter: rini bravo is a worker at walmart and says he lives paycheck-to opining making $9 per hour. walmart says that its turnover
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rate is lower than national average, and our plans are better than those, including those that are unionized. the protest today is part of a build-up to picket plans beginning thanksgiving night and black friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. the for richmond, is an leandro, and -- >> walmart has the right to make money, but they shouldn't do that in an unjust fashion. they should make sure that their employees are paid fairly. >> reporter: walmart maintains that it will be busy as usual in all of illustrates stores and that shoppers will notice nothing unusual. in oakland, rob roth, ktvu unanimously channel two news. >> firefighters are at the scene of a house fire, the fires in the 600 block of ken
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win road, that's right near lake merit. you see the damage to the home from the few and i are the smoke. the crews were called here at about 6:30 a.m. this morning. no one was inside and there are no reports of any injuries at this point. fire corpus able to keep flames from spreading next door, what sparked the fire though, is not yet known. an organization, stop providing face for another organization that serves meals to those in need. envision shelter network runs the montgomery network downtown. well, last month, they said they were going to stop providing space for its soup kitchen as of december 31st. envision says that it no longer wants to be a drop-in center, ignored to better serve its residents. >> a mother whose son was killed this weekend is pleading for the thieves to bring back
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the last picture that she had of him. diane hill says that pictures were on here phone while she was visiting her son's road 3467 side memorial in sacramento. her son was killed by a truck while crossing the street. union leaders have big plans, the transportation company had has started a, for $99 routine tripped, the proposed x train would wine and dine travelers. private cars would be rented for bachelor parties and an entertainment car would feature life music. passengers could be riding the rails as early as next year. in 55th for an international auto show, consumer editor tom baker got a peek inside today. and now consumers can do much more than just look. >> reporter: there really is
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something for everyone, more than 600 vehicles from simple commute cars from the super exotics, and the custom-builts. and likely efficient high mileage diesels from a tiny beats to a big expensive audi suv and several in between. now burn clean enough to sell in california. this all-electric toyota rav4 has a tesla drive. for a buck you can go 19 miles. gasoline equivalent? 76 miles per gallon. many other electrics are here. including this, the coda, this year, hands-on driving as never before. and you will get in the vehicle with a product specialist and you'll be able to drive around the believe and get a feel for the car. forty-two vehicles that people are able to get in, and this is the first time we'd done it
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although this level. >> reporter: is volvo also offerings an option that senses and brakes for pedestrians -- who want to make something different. at nine bucks per an adult. children 12 and younger free, it's inexpensive family entertainment. i'm consumer editor tom vakar, ktvu, channel two news. >> a 2-fer to today, where president obama -- not one but two turkeys this thanksgiving eve. covler is now the newly -- gobbler is now the national turkey. the president urged all americans to reach out to those in need this thanksgiving holiday. and a reminder, ktvu's annual one warm coat drive begins trito collect winter coats for people in need. it's going on in four bay area
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locations. you can find us in bay street and emeryville, down san jose. and walnut creek. look under the hot topic section at for more information. well, it's not only bath, but it's bigger and sweeter than ever, a castle made of edible items, now drawing crowds to a big hotel. meteorologist mark tells us where the rain has come and gone on thanksgiving. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> what's this graphic reminder tonight from the menlo fire department of what not to do if you're deep-frying your turkey tomorrow do not overfill the oil. and if a fire does start. do not try to put water on the flames. that just makes things worse. make sure to deep-fry outside and make sure that that turkey is completely thousand dollar. our meteorologist mark joins us now, and boy this latest storm moved out of here with perfect timing. >> in fact, temperatures will be warming up as we head into not only thursday but into friday and saturday. right now, the maps we do have, this is just a few high clouds moving into parts of the bay area. there's a live doppler sweep, we're showing you moderate to happy rains in parts of the
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region. even the wider view, not a lot of coverage out there looking out towards the sierra, the winter advisory has expired. this is the scene looking out towards interstate 80 earlier today. and so basically clear roads, so good news if you're planning to head to the sierra force tonight, and also into tomorrow morning. forecast flense tonight, -- headlines tonight. and partly sunny skies. as far as overnight lows, lots of 40s out there. watch out for some patchy fog starting out today. it's where you can have a pretty good conditions, but an instant drop off of visibility. probably into friday morning and saturday morning as well. high pressure returns, the storm track goes way up to our north. a slight warming trend beginning tomorrow, and
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possibly friday and saturday. that means that our warmest locations could be approaching the 70 and the 80. thursday afternoon, the we'll have a fair skies but then early friday morning, we should be tracking, at least some partly cloudy skies, some patchy fog out there to start out the day. temperatures in the 60s for afternoon highs for tomorrow, san jose 68. is an mateo, flirting with the 70-degree mark. here's a look head with your five day forecast. a little bit of the bump in the numbers. gasia? thank you, mark. an elaborate work of edible mark was unveiled today in san francisco's union square. standing 12 feet tall, weighing more than 1300 pounds, is this sugar castle features more than 30 ropes as well as a running train. it was originally created in 25. the sugar castle will be on
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display at the west insaint frances from today and january 3rd. thank you for trusting channel two ktvu news. i'm gasia mikaelian and our coverage continues with the 10:00 news, and tonight, home from college and out partying. we'll hear from police as they gear up for black friday. t.m.z. is up right here on tv 36.
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